Statewide Analysis of Fair Housing Report Open for Public Review, Comments
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Statewide Analysis of Fair Housing Report Open for Public Review, Comments


BOISE, ID – September 28, 2011 – (RealEstateRama) — Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) and the Idaho Department of Commerce have completed a review of the preliminary draft of the 2011 Analysis of Impediments (AI) report. The AI examines multiple forms of housing-related data from each of Idaho’s 44 counties, and reports on identified impediments to fair housing as well as the best practices for addressing areas of concern.

The report will be available online for public review and comments until Oct. 31 at

All over the nation, persons living with a disability, minorities or families with children still face housing discrimination. Four decades after the passage of the Fair Housing Act, discrimination in the sale, rental or financing of housing still limits people’s choices about where to live, work and take their children to school.

“The current AI represents the most comprehensive, collaborative and robust AI process in Idaho history,” said IHFA Executive Vice President Julie Williams. “The contractor examined policies and procedures at the state and county level to better understand how land-use, zoning and lending practices might affect fair housing choices. The resulting action plan will serve as a guide for policy makers and housing professionals looking to increase compliance and reduce liability.” Beyond “doing the right thing,” Williams said compliance with inclusive housing practices reflects sound fiscal and economic policy, such as creating diverse, vibrant cities that attract more ‘creative class’ entrepreneurs, businesses and investors.

The AI report is important for local governments and housing providers as a policy and procedure guide that also offers constructive suggestions to avoid costly compliance failures or lawsuits.

IHFA and the Idaho Department of Commerce contracted with BBC Research and Consulting to conduct the research necessary to produce the report, which presents state-wide, county-specific data and interview-based anecdotal perspectives about fair housing concerns, impediments and action plans. After the review and comment period closes, the final AI report will be available online at


Idaho Housing and Finance Association, a financial services and housing business organization, improves lives and strengthens Idaho communities by expanding housing opportunities, building self sufficiency, and fostering economic development.

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Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA), a financial services and housing business organization, provides funding for affordable housing in Idaho communities where it is most needed and when it is economically feasible.


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