New Home Partnership Foundation, Inc. created to assist with Idaho’s growing housing needs


Idaho Housing and Finance Association (IHFA) has created and launched the Home Partnership Foundation, Inc., an independent 501(c)3 organization that will help Idaho communities meet some of their most pressing housing needs through charitable donations.

“The Home Partnership Foundation will give Idaho’s private and public organizations, as well as individual citizens, an opportunity to make a difference in their communities,” said Gerald M. Hunter, IHFA president and executive director. “Charitable contributions to assist our most disadvantaged citizens and create affordable housing opportunities will benefit us all, today and in the future.”

IHFA has combined its housing expertise with the Foundation, the state’s only foundation specializing in charitable giving for critically needed affordable housing. The Foundation works to assure families and individuals can obtain stable, safe, and affordable housing by providing stewardship of charitable gifts to support a variety of programs.

The Foundation aims to:

  • Support shelters and shelter services for Idaho’s homeless and most disadvantaged;
  • Encourage financial independence by educating individuals and families;
  • Invest in workforce housing; and
  • Facilitate tax-advantaged land donations for housing development.

IHFA believes many Idaho communities have generous benefactors willing to assist local housing organizations if the community can produce funds to expand the benefit of a single gift. The Foundation’s ability to bring such gifts together, and directly provide matching funds, is a valuable tool in the ongoing effort to create a stable community workforce.

“Communities are realizing there’s a hidden cost to the scarcity of affordable housing, because their hourly and public service workforce are finding it difficult to find places to live,” said Julie Williams, IHFA senior vice president. “I encourage Idaho cities and towns to work with the Foundation to address this important issue and help their citizens.”

Employers, private citizens, developers, local governments, and others are encouraged to make donations to the Home Partnership Foundation, an independent 501(c)3 non-profit organization, to help sustain and grow housing efforts in Idaho. Donors can contribute charitable, tax-deductible donations to the Home Partnership Foundation today to support a variety of programs.

  • Shelter First Program: provides funding for homeless shelters across Idaho.
  • Freedom Program: provides funding for the Individual Development Account (IDA), which allows qualified families and individuals to build assets and enter the financial mainstream.
  • Home Preservation Program: provides funding for financial counseling, education and emergency funds that help prevent foreclosures and evictions.
  • Finally Home!® Homebuyer Education and Housing Counseling Program: provides funding for financial education of current and future homeowners.
  • Home Equity Partnership Fund: provides funding for communities to create workforce housing through the combined efforts of communities, developers, and homebuyers.
  • Tax-Advantaged Land Donations: serves as a steward for charitable land donations, which may be liquidated for housing purposes or used directly in the development of affordable housing.

For more information on how you can give to the Home Partnership Foundation and its important programs, visit; or call 1-877-438-4472.

The Idaho Housing and Finance Association, a financial services and housing business organization, provides funding for affordable housing in communities where it is most needed and when economically feasible.


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